Saturday, April 14, 2007

Smart Skepticism

Mediums and psychics are generally ignorant in their own field, and when they open their mouth, they usually do more harm than good. Obviously, I speak from experience. Personally, I believe that I am a damn good medium, but I also know that I have a long way to go before I can claim any knowledge in the field of parapsychology. I do get brownie points for trying, though.

Luckily for all of us, there are parapsychology researchers out there, both professional and novices, who keep the light shining on this topic in a way that is both presentable and respectable outside our own community. A way I call smart skepticism.

Recently, I've discovered a smart skeptic, Alex Tsakiris, who hosts a brilliant podcast with some stellar interviews. It's called Skeptico, and well worth your time.

Here is an interview from his site with author, psychologist and skeptic
Dr. James Alcock.


JackP said...

Interesting to see a medium promote skepticism! I have frequently ranted against dogma in science - saying "it isn't so because it doesn't fit my worldview" is no more scientific than any other belief, yet sadly a small proportion of scientists appear to propound these beliefs.

I'd describe my self as a sceptical scientist who would like to believe in Psi and an afterlife, and I'm therefore wary about belief without evidence, because I know that I want to.

Enjoying your blog - found my way here from 'new' AMNAP (and thanks for the Skeptico link).


Bruce said...

Hmmm. I guess you could call me an optimistic skeptic. I choose not to disbelieve.

Marcel Cairo said...

Thanks Jack & Bruce...

I often joke that "belief" is the bastard child of knowledge and the midwife of wisdom. Otherwise, The Great Conveyor Belt.

JackP said...

have just linked to your site as well as AMNAP and Skeptico in a recent post
where I mention my difficulties in believing in 'mediumship' - not sure of the precise term, sorry!

However, I don't want to offend because I do specfically want to be open minded, so if you'd like me to tweak the wording - or you want a chance to put your side of the story - feel free to ask or to make a comment.