Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Going Live with The Dead

Exploring The Science
Behind Consciousness

       Thursday June 14, 2007
     4 pm PST • 7pm EST

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Bruce C Moore said...

Great graphic. Great headline. All very actionable. But I wanted you to tell me more. Not, like, 3,000 words with more footnotes than I have entries in a month (you know who I'm talking about), but, just a little body copy teaser. A clue, a hook, something to help me commit.

I trust it will be good, because I trust you. But what about all the folks who aren't as lucky as me?

Marcel Cairo said...

It must be that picture that you use for your Blogger photo, Bruce, but I truly appreciate your critical eye.

I do have to say that the lack of copy here is more due to me posting this post in a span of five minutes as I ran out the door to do another radio show, Conversations from Beyond

I was hoping people would click the live button and get the rest of the details, but even that page isn't complete.

Let's see if I can add something worthwhile. Again, thanks for those Eagle Eyes of help.