Monday, August 18, 2008

Medium Smackdown - Allison Dubois Hits Me on MySpace

In a recent post, I called into question some of the actions and claims put forward by Allison Dubois, the inspiration for the TV show "Medium." Now, Allison Dubois has taken up her defense against these accusations and posted it to MySpace.

In a short blog post, and in a series of comments after the post, Ms. Dubois lashes out at me and Dr. Gary E. Schwartz.

My favorite quote from her lashing just might be -
"Let's all hope that Gary and Marcel spend more time being buddies and less time connecting themselves to my name."
So Gary, should we go fishing next weekend, or do you want to go bowling and have a few beers afterward? Oh, and by the way, Gary, I promise we won't talk about Allison this time.

Some may recall that Ms. Dubois was once a research medium in the Veritas Research Program run by Dr. Gary E. Schwartz at the University of Arizona. Ms. Dubois and Dr. Gary Schwartz had a public falling out in 2005, as so did another one of Dr. Schwartz's research mediums, Ms. Laurie Campbell.

Ms. Dubois' post is short enough for me to print here (her typos included), but you need to read the comments thread to truly appreciate how childish and insufficient Ms. Dubois' replies to the accusations really are.
Recently it has been brought to my attention that Gary Schwartz ("scientist" who use to study me) and his cronie Marcel have been bad mouthing me. First let me say that people in the spiritual field are not suppose to spew venom they are suppose to embrace their intuition and the otherside. They are claiming that law enforcement has never come forward for me which is so far from the truth. It's true that some have lied about not working with me and the media found the truth which supported that I worked with them. Fortunately I have a new show coming out that will allow me to bipass those in law enforcement that fear persecution. I'll let you know more about that when the official announcement has been made. I know Gary and Marcel will be very happy for me. By the way I've never met or heard of Marcel until I was informed that he can't get enough of me.

They also claim I exaggerated my work with law enforcement to Medium producers to get the show which is laughable. The producers approached me in the first place and the show would have just had a different tone if I didn't work with the law. The show is "based" on my life not a biography as you all know from my books. Maybe Gary should talk less and read more. I've been told Gary's mad because he was not invited to be a part of Oprah with me. Sounds like a poor sport. Maybe Gary should spend more time being a professor and less time throwing temper tantrums because I felt his lab was inadequate and left. Let's all hope that Gary and Marcel spend more time being buddies and less time connecting themselves to my name.
Well, as cute and sarcastic as you are, Allison, the facts simply do not support your claims, and you have never provided sufficient evidence to silence challenges to your story. Besides, no one is questioning if the TV show takes creative liberties with the truth, that is obvious. People are questioning whether you have taken liberties with the truth in various interviews and books in which you make extraordinary claims for which there is insufficient evidence, or in some cases, no evidence at all.

So, why do I care what you say or do, Ms. Dubois? I'm glad you asked.

For starters, there isn't a day that goes by that skeptics don't use the public media to call mediums,"frauds," or challenge their moral fabric and personal ethics. Yes, I'm use to this, it's part of the territory that comes with being a medium. I'm thick skinned, and I can take it. Yet, each time a high visibility medium like yourself, Ms. Dubois, is caught or accused of manipulating the truth for their own gain, it's harder to argue against the skeptics' criticisms and win back the public trust. So, obviously, this matters to me a lot.

More importantly, though, Ms. Dubois, you were a research medium before you became a TV Medium. Your path from a science-friendly medium to a made-for-TV medium with a dubious story only places a larger target on scientists and researchers who would be daring (or foolish) enough to undertake medium research. Yes, Ms. Dubois, your actions and your story have hurt scientific research into consciousness survival.

Allison, I don't have anything against you personally, and I wish you all of the success in the world. My biggest wish, though, is that you would think about the bigger scientific picture and the overall public integrity of the "survival hypothesis" each time you make a claim that is simply fantasy.


Anonymous said...

you are such a fucking wanna be! AND an ass kisser of Schwartz. He is going no where, and so are you!

Marcel Cairo said...

Now, now, Anonymous, such bravado and no signature... why that's actually called cowardice.

Your response, and the type of personal attacks that Ms. Dubois engages in, are the type of reactions you expect from "fanboys" cruising skeptical websites.

Come to think of it, your comment shows how little you know or understand about truth or humanity, and in fact, most psychologists will tell you that the things you accuse me of are simply the things you see in the mirror.

Thank you for stopping by.

Ronnie said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Anonymous happened to have been Dubois herself.

Marcel Cairo said...

Allison Dubois using poo poo language? I sure hope not, Ronnie.

Unfortunately, that's the "real" negative aspect created by incendiary anonymous comments. People are left guessing and speculating as to the source of the comments. It detracts from the actual discussion.

The 'actual discussion' is what I want to stress by the story I posted.

Let's take a look at the latest scandal to hit Washington... The John Edwards affair (As in the Senator, not the Medium).

Again, Senator Edwards proves the point that Washington politicos never seem to learn, that it's the cover-up that's actually worse than the crime.

I think that if Ms. Dubois did indeed exaggerate or misrepresent her role as a crime profiler, it would have been a lot smarter to have come out and just said so. Instead, what we see in addition to the questionable claims, is Ms. Dubois making obvious bombastic comments (more than once) claiming that she has "never been wrong" in a reading. This just doesn't add up.

Anyway, what's truly evident from the comment posted by anonymous is that the "white line" I mentioned in my original post about Ms. Dubois, is real. The fact that I as a medium and spiritual worker would dare to question Ms. Dubois has really upset some people on the inside and brought out their worst side. Until the spiritual community starts to deal with our own internal issues, we won't get much respect from the outside.

Marcel Cairo said...

A slight correction - Ms. Dubois claimed infallibility when it came to her profile cases, not her readings, as I erroneously stated in my comment above.

You can read about this here.

Cindy said...

What a di*kwad! You're whining about the one person who has the power to bring a positive light to mediums and calling her a liar. Sounds like you're jealous to me. Would you feel better if you had your own TV show? Or maybe if you were a "rock star medium" like John Edwards, you'd be happy and you wouldn't feel the need to throw stones at those who have more than you. I have heard a lot of arguments against Ms. Dubois, but most of them can be attributed to "haters" like yourself, or just plain skeptics who refuse to be openminded enough to believe that she might be for real. So sad that instead of supporting someone like Ms. Dubois, who is in a position to enhance the legitimacy of mediums, you've chosen to take the childish route and cast stones. Where is your proof that she is a fake? Or for that matter, that you aren't just a pretender? Big words from someone who hasn't shown that he has the clout to back them up.
Leave Allison Dubois alone and worry about your own phony business.

Marcel Cairo said...


I'm sure Ms. Dubois would probably better served if those who came to her defense had a better command of the English language and actually read the criticisms vs. react childishly like an impetuous second grader.

No one has called Ms. Dubois a fake or a liar. This is the argument Ms. Dubois might like her fans to believe. The furthest I have gone is to say that perhaps Ms. Dubois exaggerated or misrepresented her role in major criminal cases. As it stands right now, no one has refuted this assertion beyond a reasonable doubt.

For the average New Ager or believer in angels, it may seem that I (and other believers in psi phenomenon) are out to get Ms. Dubois. Actually, we support truth and science, and we see any person making unsubstantiated claims as a liability in establishing psi as a legitimate science.

So for all those fans of Ms. Dubois who for some reason are taking this personally, I'm sorry, but this is not about you nor is it about her.

It is not uncommon for certain personality types to send out their soldiers to do their dirty work, but if Ms. Dubois really cares about integrity, truth and science, she would be wise to set the record straight.

Until then, all the name calling and school girl attacks are only pathetic examples of people running from reality in order to justify their own insecure beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Posted by: Robert Paul Howard | November 15, 2006 at 11:43 AM

To Marcel Cairo:

Unfortunately for you, being amused does not alter the fact that you are a pompous and pretentious asshole who talks God garbage.

And oh, by the way, I often fry up "evangelical ministers" for lunch, and then have some baked "cutesy conversational conceit" cake for dessert.

You wrote: Anyway, when I refer to God, I am referring to the God of your choice, not to my version of that energy source."

Just more typically useless "God" garbage.

You wrote: "I am self-assured in what I know to be true, not just a belief."

He who says, does not know... He who knows, does not say.

You wrote: "the evidence to survival of consciousness is unquestionable in my world."

It is not "unquestionable" "evidence" if it cannot be substantiated or proven. If not, then it is merely a belief.

You wrote: "believers have something that can't be touched"

Beliefs are merely thoughts and ideas. Believers have nothing more than ideas.
When confronted by the reality of what is, their beliefs will be revealed for what they are, and be forced to crumble into nothing.

You wrote: "I would never in a million years trade places with you"

You couldn't even if you wanted to, but if you did, all your cherished beliefs would be turned to dust.

And then I wonder what Brian thinks about your describing him and his blog articles as "intellectual masturbation"? Ahh... but then you are obviously someone who is a real master-bater yourself. Maybe you could give some expert masterbating advice to Brian and the readers.

Marcel Cairo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marcel Cairo said...

Just in case anyone is confused by the previous post from Anonymous, let me clarify.

It appears that Anonymous, in lieu of doing their own thinking, has done a web search on me and found something posted last year on the Church of the Churchless blog.

Church of the Churchless is written by an atheist/Buddhist named Brian Hines. Brian is a good guy and quite fair, we just happen to disagree about a couple of key beliefs. Anyway, on his blog, there is one very loud Buddhist named Robert Paul Howard who likes to goad and provoke people into emotional debates. He's very good at it, and as you can see from the parts that Anonymous copied, he drew me into one of these high emotional debates.

Why is Anonymous going through all of this trouble? Why does Anonymous, who probably claims to be a spiritual person, act with such venom? Who knows. One thing that is obvious, is that Anonymous is insecure, and slightly delusional about their role as Ms. Dubois protector.

I hope that Anonymous takes a moment to look at themselves and ask themselves if they are really proud of their behavior. It's not very mature nor spiritual.

Anyway, just thought I would clear that up.

Al said...

I am also a medium who has also suffered some rather vicious attacks in the past.

The more important issue is NOT that anyone is arguing. The more important issue is the survivability of life past death. This is the real issue.

Whatever Allison wishes to make claims to should not be "your" issue. As far as I am concerned, the real issue is the survivability issue.

I wished that those involved in all of this would remember the real issue; instead of fighting between ourselves...we need to get back to the main issue: survivability post death.

Now...get back to work, Marcel! :)

What has your latest work show shown you?


PS. Are you familiar with earthbound who may be trapped in a single dimension universe?

What do you believe about such things?

Marcel Cairo said...

Al wrote -

"The more important issue is the survivability of life past death. This is the real issue.

Whatever Allison wishes to make claims to should not be "your" issue. As far as I am concerned, the real issue is the survivability issue."

Thanks for your comment, Al. You are right about one thing, Ms. Dubois' claims are not my issue, the survivability question is.

My whole point/argument in this post, and in my previous post about this topic, is that Ms. Dubois, as a highly visible research medium, should be extra careful about the claims she makes. When she veers into the territory of exaggeration or misrepresentation, it's like putting a big target on anyone interested or involved in the scientific exploration of psi and the survival hypothesis.

I hope that explains a few things.

Marcel Cairo said...

I need to correct an error made in the comments of this post. Robert Paul Howard was inappropriately identified in two comments posted first by Anonymous and then by me, as the author of some disparaging comments originally posted on Brian Hines blog, Church of the Churchless. In fact, Robert Paul Howard did not make those comments, they were made by another poster that goes by the name of "tao."

My apologies to Robert Paul Howard for any misunderstanding.