Friday, April 20, 2007

1986 all over again...Viva Argentina!

Being a medium is fulfilling, but the honest truth is that I would give up my talent for talking with the dead just for one chance to play with the Argentine national soccer team. I'm that much a fanatic. See, though I was born in NYC, both my parents are from Argentina, and I was raised in Buenos Aires. Fútbol (soccer) is our religion.

In the summer of 1986, I was an 18 year-old virgin who had just graduated from High school. None of that mattered, however, as in my hands I had tickets to the World Cup in Mexico.

Still today, I consider the summer of '86 as the greatest summer of my life. Argentina won the World Cup and I lost my virginity to a stripper.

The seduction began on June 22, 1986. I was in the stands of Mexico City's Estadio Azteca when Argentina, led by Diego Maradona, scored the two most famous goals in World Cup history. The best part of this amazing game was that the victim of both of Maradona's goals was none other than England. If you are an Argentine soccer fan, there is no greater rivalry or joy than trouncing England and their aspirations of a second cup.

The first goal was the infamous Hand of God goal, and as I was celebrating it, I got into a row with a pair of British hooligans who almost threw me over the second level balcony 80 feet below to what would have been my certain death. The second of Maradona's goals is called the Goal of the Century. I can still remember crying like a new bride after Maradona scored it.

Two days ago, Argentina's future soccer genius, Lionel Messi, scored a goal so similar to Maradona's World Cup spectacular, that the whole world is once again hailing him the next Maradona and savior of soccer. God must love Argentina.

This year I'm turning 40, and for my midlife crisis purchase, I am going to skip buying a Porsche and instead aim my sights to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to relive the summer of '86. The only trick now will be getting my wife to let me bring that stripper along. ;-0

Here is a video comparison of Maradona's 1986 goal and Messi's 2007 goal side by side. Viva Argentina!


JackP said...

Bah, humbug. Why is it always the English that people take such pleasure in beating? We're only a little country these days now, you know..!

The first goal was *hem hem* somewhat dubious (okay then, blatant cheating), but the second was exquisite.

Good luck in making it to South Africa in 2010 - although I suspect you'll have to forego the stripper...

Marcel Cairo said...


I think one thing a skeptic and a medium can definitely agree on is that there is life after death once your country has been eliminated from the World Cup... though not a very pleasant life at that. :-)

Bruce C Moore said...

I went to several games in 1994 at the old Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto (not S.F. as many historical accounts state). Totally awesome.

The high-lights were watching USA vs. Brazil play a close match (1-0 Brazil) on the 4th of July. Brazilians were everywhere, and wonderful. The next week I saw Sweden beat Romania in the quarter-finals (2-2 AET 5-4 PSO).

Of course Brazil went on to win their 4th title, and Sweden won beat Bulgaria in the consolation match. I'm still sorry I didn't go to Pasadena for the semis and final.

For me, Coppa del Mondo is the only tournament which rises above the magic of the NCAA March Madness. You just have to figure out how to make it happen.

Bruce said...

I had to come back to Argentina. Last night we enjoyed a wonderful wine dinner at Moxie in Belltown. Carlos Tad is on tour promoting the wines of Doña Paula from the Mendoza region.

Their vineyards are at fairly high altitudes on the Andes slope - outstanding values in Malbec, Cab, and Syrah!