Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hey, Big Lender!

Like many people, I'm interested in the world beyond my front door. I've been fortunate in my life to have travelled to over 30 different countries, both as a tourist, as an adventurer and as a glutton for the human spirit. Lately, responsibility and finances have sidelined my travels, but my wanderlust has never subsided.

In truth, my heart aches to be on the road. My Austro-Hungarian grandmother use to tell me that we come from Gypsy blood. Imagined or real, I believed this story. Without a doubt, I have the traveler spirit coarsing through each and every one of my cells. Put me on a plane, train, ship or bus and I am transformed into a poet of passion, politic and possibility.

Today, I'm elvoving from cultural spectator to international lender. I've decided to take $50.00 and become a micro-lender. I want to make a difference, support international entrepreneurs and connect with my universe once again. Thanks to groups like Kiva, I can invest my $50.00 anywhere in the world with just a ckick of the mouse. Take a look...

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