Friday, June 8, 2007

An olympic-sized eyesore & me

The Pickards has a wonderfully amusing blog post on the public outcry over the London 2012 Olympic logo selection. Even if you don't care about the Olympics, the English or graphic design, I still think you'll get a kick out of this rant.

So what does this all have to do with consciousness, life after death or moi? Well, Jack Pickard also wrote a little piece on me called, The Medium is the Message. Fortunately, I seemed to have weathered his biting wit a wee better than the official London 2012 logo.

Monday, June 4, 2007

V is for Vaccine

We didn't vaccinate our daughter Nina, well, not until she was a month past two. In April of this year, I was guilt fed and coerced by her new pediatrician into giving her the Hib vaccine and Prevnar (pneumococcal).

It's not that my wife and I don't want to vaccinate. We just want the freedom to choose how we vaccinate. So now that my son Waylon is here, we are once again pressured (and accosted) to make a determination about how we plan on vaccinating our child.

Trust me, I've done as much research as a lay person can on this subject. I understand both sides to the argument. I acknowledge that some vaccines have greatly reduced if not eliminated certain diseases from childhood experience. However, there is also that mysterious element out there which worries me greatly... some of you know it better as the unknown.

As a medium, I know about the unknown. Almost all scientists would tell me that I was full of shit if I tried to explain to them how it is that I can communicate with the consciousness of the dead. So you see, I have personal experience telling me that, as well-intended as science may be, it isn't always right.

My big concern about vaccinations is that the schedule is too aggressive for a baby's body. More importantly, there has not been a single long-term study done to explain the "explosion of neurologic and immune system disorders in our nation’s children." since the widespread introduction of public immunization. Here is a webpage that explains this concern far better than I ever could.

I truly welcome all opinion, criticism or spiritual support on this.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

9 Steps to Genius

Over time, many people have asked me to teach them my genius. Though flattered, I am so busy at being a gosh darn genius, I never really had the time to sit down and figure myself out. Luckily, someone else has.

So, for all those genius wannabes, here's a quick study guide on how to think like a genius (or like me).

Hello, brain!

Brain exploration is about to revolutionize and redefine science, medicine, capitalism and possibly daytime soap operas. At least that's what Charlie Rose and his illustrious panel of brain experts say.

Below is Part One of Charlie Rose's series on science and the brain.
From Freud to the mysteries of the human brain. Topics include Sigmund Freud and the study of psychoanalytics, information storage and processing, learning, remembering, perception, thinking, feeling, and behavior. Panelists include: Paul Nurse, Eric Kandel, Aaron Beck, Steven Roose, Peter Fonagy, Nancy Kanwisher, Nora Volkow, Rebecca Saxe and Liz Phelps.