Friday, December 14, 2007

Always Entertaining

Poltergeist stories are always entertaining. Even when you know the story is exaggerated or plain ridiculous, you can't help but be glued to it.

The funny thing about me criticizing these type of stories is that I actually lived one myself. As a teenager, I had a poltergeist in my room, some scary things happened and eventually a Catholic priest was called in to bless my room and rid it of the "energy" so I could move back into it.

Looking back on the situation now as an adult, I still have to laugh. Not because what happened in my room didn't happen or because I don't believe that these things occur. I laugh because, when they do happen, they always read like some badly written yarn out of a 1950's pulp fiction novel.

The World's Scariest Ghosts Caught on Tape

Here's a show I imagine raised the hairs on many people's arms. It's well done and perfectly edited. This is not to say there aren't some classic cheesy ghost story elements in it, there are. My point is, whether you're a skeptic or not, it's hard to turn away from a good ghost story.

Highlights of the show...

[BAD] In one segment, James Van Praagh's questioning of the little boy, with numerous leading comments to draw a positive response, is extremely embarrassing.

[GOOD] The most compelling segment begins at minute 30 when we get to see video imagery of Orbs caught on tape. Some of the orb patterns do look like bugs flying the night, but there is a video of a grapefruit size orb that is truly intriguing.

Judge for yourself.