Friday, September 28, 2007

First Annual "What Ever Happened to David Thompson?" Essay Contest

WARNING: Sense of Humor Required.

I'm happy to announce the first annual, "What ever happened to David Thompson?" Essay Contest.

As some of you may know, an Australian Survival of Death enthusiast, Victor Zammit, declared last year that the physical materializations of medium David Thompson were "Earth Shattering" and would change everything we know about consciousness survival. This Earth shattering news has barely reached the level of a yawn in the heavens. Why? Well, for starters, the experiments Down Under are anything but scientific, despite the claims of Mr. Zammit. Secondly, David Thompson is a fraud.

In the 4-5 years since David Thompson has been claiming to materialize dead people through the secretion of ectoplasm which supposedly exudes from his bodily orifices, no one has taken these ludicrous claims seriously. Yet, David Thompson is still pulling the wool over people's eyes Down Under, and now, he's taking his ScamFlam on the road with a tour of the UK.

Knowing I couldn't save a few poor British souls from being taken in by this charlatan-come-lately, I decided that the best thing to do in this situation was to mentally fast-forward another year or so in time and live happy knowing David Thompson has either been exposed as the fraud he is, or he's been rightfully forgotten. Yes, in the very near future, David Thompson will have been sent back to the boggy marsh from whence he emerged, and his giddy publicist, Victor Zammit, will be off chasing some other quixotic windmill.

Wait a second, this smells like a contest. Maybe my version of David Thompson's future is totally off. Perhaps some reader out there can come up with a better scenario for David Thompson's eventual downfall.

So, I decided to invite the public to write their own essay on how the David Thompson story should end? Why not? David Thompson's claims are so incredulous and imaginative, they deserve an equally imaginative finale.

So, even if you don't know who materialization medium David Thompson is, you can still take part in the contest by reading up on all the controversy here.

The What Ever Happened to David Thompson? Essay Contest

Rules and Guidelines

1)Write a 500 word or less imaginative and fictitious essay answering the question, "What ever happened to David Thompson?"

2)The essay must be creative and entertaining.

3)Essay must end with the phrase, "Ectoplasm! I knew it."

4) All submissions must be received by Halloween night, October 31, 2007.

5)All submissions must be sent to and must be from a valid email address and include a first name* and verifiable telephone number.**

Judging & Voting

I will personally pick the 10 best essays and then ask the viewing public to vote for their top three favorites.

The top three entries will receive a FREE reading with me.
Winners who may have already had a reading with me or anyone else not desiring the reading for themselves may gift the prize to anyone of their own choosing.
First prize - a FREE 2 hour reading
Second Prize - a FREE hour and a half reading
Third prize - a FREE hour reading.

*I will only allow anonymous entries, as long as the true author reveals themselves privately to me.
**Personal phone numbers are only requested to authenticate essay entrant and will never be published, sold or used for any form of marketing or solicitation.

Now, for your listening pleasure, my AfterlifeFM interview with blogger, Michael Prescott, where we discuss the dubious claims of materialization medium, David Thompson.

So, let's all get creative and help me figure out "What ever happened to David Thompson?"